"A good letter of condolence is like a handclasp, warm and friendly." (Lillian Eichler Watson)

my condolences for your loss. warm and friendly.  photo by Kelsey Tessier , Senior, Monarch High School

"I discovered the amazing power of a humble sympathy card to bring me a measure of comfort....One of the most helpful things you can do for a bereaved person is to acknowledge the loss.

Don't fear causing pain by bringing it up. It was much more upsetting to me when someone acted like nothing had happened.

'I'm sorry' may feel inadequate, but the truth is that there is really nothing you can say that will take the pain away.

Sincerely said, 'I'm sorry' says that you care, and that's what's truly needed....It only takes a few minutes to send a card, and the act itself is much more meaningful than the exact text."

(Betsy Okonski, Newsweek)

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